Hand made soap

Hand made soap

All of our soap, is a Shea Butter recipe. The ingredients are coconut oil, palm oil, shea butter, olive oil, lye, and water. All are Vegan friendly except for our Creamy Lavender soap. We offer our Lavender Shea Butter soap, and our Creamy Lavender soap. The Creamy Lavender soap, has dairy, half and half creamer in it. So if you are looking for Vegan friendly, make sure you choose the correct one.


Our scents are:

Mother Earth

Cucumber Melon. This soap has actual pureed cucumbers in it.

Full Moon

Lavender Shea Butter

Creamy Lavender


Tea Tree

Winter Spirit


Lavender Patchouli

Patchouli Clove

Patchouli Rose


Christmas Rose


Just take me !

Sweet Juicy Pear


Patty's potpouri